Famous Pompey Fan Banned After Walking Into Women’s Toilets And Claiming To Be Transgender



A well-known Portsmouth FC fan has been banned from the grounds after walking into the women’s toilet and claiming to be transgender… on International Women’s Day, no less!

John Westwood, 59, faced the punishment after complaints were made to the club during Portsmouth FC’s 1-0 home defeat to Sheffield Wednesday.

John Westwood has been banned from Portsmouth FC for the fourth time. Credit: PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

According to the stewards on shift, season ticket holder Westwood went into the facilities and said he identified as a woman.

Westwood told Portsmouth News:

“I walked into the passageway before the toilets and didn’t go any further.

This woman came out of the toilets and told me to get out, so I left.

I was just having a laugh and a giggle. Given it was women’s day, I thought I would identify as a woman to show solidarity with them.

There was no malice intended.”

The football fan claimed to 'identify as a woman' when he was found entering the women's toilets. Credit: PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

One witness who was present, 57-year-old Mary Williams, claimed that she confronted Westwood as he was ‘ranting and raving’ in the stadium’s toilets:

“It’s ridiculous in the extreme that anyone would believe that is a stance he takes.

I’m 100 per cent in favour of someone who genuinely identifies as transgender to use any loo they want, but this is not that.

He was there to provoke, intimidate and harass women.”

It’s not much of a ban either – Westwood will be barred from attending Porstmouth’s next two games but will then be free to return to the premises. Which is even more surprising when you discover he’s been banned 4 times already this season; with other offences including making crude gestures towards Coventry City fans during a friendly, urinating outside Forest Green Rovers’ stadium, and making a rude gesture with his bell.

On Westwood’s claims that he was ‘showing solidarity’ with women, Williams scoffed:

“No one who has heard his misogynistic and sexist chanting would take that seriously.”

Meanwhile, Westwood can’t wrap his brain around what he’s done wrong:

“If I sing it’s a geezers club, I get told off, and if I identify as a woman, I also get told off.

You’re not allowed to make light of anything anymore.”

Other Portsmouth fans are disappointed with the tame punishment he’s received, to say the least:

I do feel for the guy on some level as it’s pretty clear he’s got a drinking problem and lives and breathes Pompey FC so if they were to ban him permanently and take all that way from him it could be pretty brutal for him. At the same time though, you can’t be behaving that way at games and especially after being banned 4 times already. Come on Portsmouth FC, there’s got to be a better solution than a 2-game ban. Sort it out!

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