Fake Ryan Gosling Will Steal Your Girlfriend

Ryan Gosling Lookalike

This guy looks a bit like Ryan Gosling and he’s out and about fooling everybody.

When God was handing out faces he was probably a bit baked one day and mistakenly did Ryan Gosling twice and this lucky fucker was the beneficiary.

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If ‘real’ Gosling had went on to become a bricklayer or something chances are no one would really be all that bothered. As it happened, fate dealt Ryan the hand of a cult indie film starlet and his face became that much more of a commodity.

Before I get shouted down I accept that at first glance he’s not the full-blown dead ringer, but when this guy dons the hoody/shades combo you have to admit that it’s pretty much instant Gosling.

Either way, this is definitely a cut-above one of those naff Beckham circa-2002 lookalikes. You know, the ones with the same haircut as the model in the window of that dodgy looking Polish barbers or the ones who show up at a hen do in Butlins for £8.95 an hour… yeah, those ones.

As you will see there are a couple of ‘Notebook’ drops in this courtesy of fake Gosling’s oblivious admirers. This is unsurprising, as having watched this film in halls with a flat of girls I can only liken the experience to what I assume hormonal group meetings are like. Terrifying.

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