VIDEO: Ryan Gosling Orders A Cheeseburger, Drive Style

Ryan Gosling Drive

Everyone buzzed so hard over drive last year, but how does the Driver act when he does something normal like order a cheeseburger? Find out in this video.

Ryan Gosling Drive

Everybody loved Drive when it came out last year right? Wrong, I really didn’t like it but I think at the time it was overhyped and I was just kinda perplexed (and still am) by how Ryan Gosling’s character – the edgily named Driver – suddenly went from being a mild mannered quiet weirdo to a stone cold psychopath halfway through the movie. There was just no indication that that was going to happen or anything up until that point (unless maybe you had seen the trailer) and it was never explained or anything and I was also pretty perplexed at why he couldn’t just give the money back in the first place and avoid all the killing, although that wouldn’t have made for such a hot movie I guess. I’m not a girl either so I couldn’t just sit there and swoon over Ryan Gosling whilst these questions were racing through my mind. Although I guess maybe that was the point.

In any case I don’t really look back on Drive with the hatred I once felt for it, it’s a pretty decent movie with a great soundtrack. I know when you clicked on that headline you probably thought you were actually gonna see Ryan Gosling ordering a cheeseburger Drive Style from a Burger King drive-thru or something, kinda like the Thomas Jane Punisher short Dirty Laundry or something, but unfortunately this is just a cartoon pastiche of it. It’s pretty funny though and the cartoonist has Ryan Gosling’s facial expressions 100% down. It would just be way better if at the end he beat the shit out of the dude who’s bothering him. That would be way more realistic, as that is definitely what the Driver would do.

Check out the video below:

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