Made In China: 5 Disturbing Cases Of Fake Food

China has been hit with a slew of food safety scares as it struggles to control.

3. Plastic Rice

fake rice china plastic This is one of the more disturbing stories, although any type of poorly regulated counterfeit food is bad when its on your plate. Fake rice was first found available for purchase in 2011. It is made using potato proteins (both your standard roastie and sweet yam types) — which sounds fine, until it all gets covered in plastic resin. This rice is so shit it doesn’t even soften when it’s cooked — which is a blessing in disguise because at least that’s an giveaway to make note of. You also should be made aware that eating three bowls of this stuff is equivalent to consuming a plastic bag. A fucking plastic bag. Let that sink in (and refuse to decompose) for a while. The saddest part of this particular scam is that this problem has some families importing rice, a staple of Oriental cuisine, from as far as Germany but for the lower class citizens, coming into contact with this rice will prove unavoidable. Unhappy face.

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