Made In China: 5 Disturbing Cases Of Fake Food

China has been hit with a slew of food safety scares as it struggles to control.

Throughout the rise of its bursting economy, China has been hit with a slew of food safety scares as it struggles to control, monitor or distribute to its dense and growing population striped with class divides as defined and imprinted as sears from a grill. As China continues to aspire towards a self-functioning, independent state with it’s own version of everything — from internet sites to cities — it’s only logical that the lines of counterfeit and copying merge into a mess of demand, supply and shit.

This is being going on for a couple years now, and there are many more cases like glow-in-the-dark pork to poisonous baby formula to conterfeit wine but I’ve pulled out five for your internet consumption. Bon appetit.

1. Man Made Eggs

Made from a mixture of beeswax, calcium carbonate, gelatin, benzoic acid and a load of other unhelpful things, these man made eggs are dangerously cheap to produce and can yield a pile of problems upon consumption such as memory loss, liver disease and dementia. I don’t think I need to point out that eating delicious chicken periods (that’s basically what eggs are, deal with it) should not give you dementia – unless… [poor taste joke alert] you’ve been eating these and have consequentially forgotten this information. Below is an investigation from Fuji TV where they find a guy who agrees to show them how to make eggs, grapes and even pig intestine from the same components:


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