VIDEO: Extreme Wheelbarrowing

Extreme Wheelbarrowing

This is the future of extreme sports.

The time of obscure extreme sports like mountain biking and white water kayaking is pretty much over thanks to the introduction of the most extreme new sport know to man that’s probably never going to be topped: extreme wheelbarrowing.

It might sound completely stupid and to be fair it is pretty dumb, but some of the tricks that the guy in the video pulls off are actually pretty gnarly. I’m not talking about the grinds but some of the flips and spins he’s doing with a wheelbarrow look pretty impressive and wouldn’t look out of place in a skate video.

The sport (?) is the brainchild of some weird German guy called Alex Siegfried who certainly looks the part and gets involved as he’s pimped out his wheelbarrow like you might pimp out your skateboard. Hopefully it will take off and we’ll get some more of these videos because they’re only going to get better after this introduction.


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