Brutal Collection of White Water Kayakers Getting The Shit Kicked Out Of Them

Kayaking Whitewater Supercut

I’ve never really thought of kayaking as an extreme sport before but judging by this video it might be the most extreme of them all.

I never thought of kayaking as being particularly brutal or dangerous or punishing or even an extreme sport really, but it turns out I was completely and utterly wrong if this video is anything to go by, because it looks like it could be the most brutal, dangerous and punishing of all the extreme sports. Even more brutal when this guy beat the shit out of another guy with a canoe paddle for not moving his car. 

A bunch of kayakers go white water kayaking down some insane waterfalls and rapids and just basically get the absolute shit kicked out of them by rocks, water and each other’s kayaks. These guys have got guts, and then some.


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