Here’s A Compilation Of The Most Brutal Mountain Bike Crashes At Red Bull Rampage

Brutal Mountain Biking Crashes

Mountain biking can be unforgiving.

Mountain biking probably isn’t traditionally thought of as one of the more extreme sports out there – although perhaps riding a rocket powered mountain bike might make it in there – but judging by this compilation it probably should be as it can clearly completely and utterly fuck you up.

The compilation is taken from past footage of the Red Bull Rampage, which is one of the toughest and most physical free ride mountain bike events on Earth. As you’ll see, if you make one mistake then you’re totally and utterly screwed as the terrain is unforgiving and won’t give you any leeway as you tumble and flail everywhere, probably breaking a couple of your bones in the process.

However, as it typically the case with most of Red Bull’s stunts, you would have to be clinically insane to attempt most of the tricks in this video so the riders are probably used to this shit. Still, rather them than me. Let’s hope none of the riders suffered a 7 week long erection like this Irish guy did when he was involved in a mountain bike crash.


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