Everyone’s Pissed Off About The UK’s Favourite Pizza Topping


The pizza debate continues.

Even since the President of Iceland announced his wishes to ban pineapple from being a pizza topping, a whole range of bizarre and disgusting pizza stories have been emerging out of the digital woodwork. There was this guy with his pea and mayo monstrosity. And how about the girl who dipped her pizza in milk? Just no.

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To get to the bottom of the debate, YouGov have carried out a survey to find out how British people feel about pizza toppings in general. Firstly, they discovered that 82% of Brits like pineapple, 84% of Brits like pizza, and 53% of Brits like pineapple on pizza. So more people are into it than not.

But that’s not the most controversial finding. When asking the UK what their favourite pizza topping is, the poll discovered that Britain’s most-loved topping of choice is mushrooms. What the fuck? Mushrooms? I mean, mushrooms are good and all, but what about pepperoni, or beef? It’s just mad to think that mushrooms are 9% more popular than pepperoni. Perhaps this is a reflection of how many people have now gone veggie.

To be fair to those who were surveyed, they were allowed to choose as many toppings as they liked. So I guess that this means mushrooms are a popular choice when combined with another topping. But still, the fact that they came out considerably higher than any other item is a significant finding. Predictably, the internet (and James Blunt) were not happy:

Nevertheless, perhaps this is something that pizza companies could use in their future marketing strategy. The UK wants more mushrooms – end of.

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