This Pea And Mayonnaise Pizza Is Making Everyone Deeply Uncomfortable


Pure vomit material.

Just last week the Iceland President stated that he is determined to ban pineapple as a pizza topping. This caused a division across the world between those who love a Hawaiian pizza and those who think it’s an abomination.

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But this argument seems completely and utterly trivial now that someone has created a pizza topping so monstrous, it would leave pineapple haters yearning for a Hawaiian themed topping. Yesterday a man who calls himself ‘Air-ic’ posted a picture of his pizza creation online with the most disgusting combination ever created: peas and mayonnaise.

What has he done? Predictably, the Twitter community was not amused:

Poor old Air-ic. He only wanted to express his delight at a delicious pizza dinner, but it’s ended up as the latest viral food-related atrocity. Next time best keep your guilty pleasures to yourself.

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