Did Ed Sheeran Just Get A Massive Tattoo Of Cecil The Lion On His Chest?

Ed Sheeran

Ed just had to go the extra mile to express his love for Cecil.

The whole Cecil The Lion issue really went postal on the Internet a couple of weeks ago – not sure why, as we made very clear in our post about it here – but it seems to have died down a lot since the initial outrage now. However, one man has made sure that he’ll make sure that Cecil is remembered forever by getting a huge tattoo of him over his chest.

And yes, that man is Ed Sheeran, who posted the photograph you can see above and below on his Instagram account earlier today.

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OK, so it might not actually be Cecil The Lion but you’ve really got to think that it’s a remarkable coincidence that Ed Sheeran would get a huge lion tattoo on his chest a couple of weeks after all this stuff kicked off. He can’t really have been planning to get a tattoo this weird for a long time can he?

I mean sure it looks nice in terms of the detail and art, but who wants to see Ed Sheeran take his top off and for there to be a huge lion roaring out of his stomach? He can’t possibly think that’s a good look can he? I mean is it weirder that he would want to get a tattoo of Cecil The Lion on his chest or weirder that he would just want a gigantic lion on his chest? I’m really stumped on this one.

I suppose the most likely scenario here is that he was having a competition with Harry Styles to see who could get the shittest tattoos. You might be winning here with this one Ed, just about, especially considering you’ve also got a tattoo of Pingu and a snowflake on your body already. And that the Cecil one is only halfway done – who knows what it’s going to look like when it’s finished?


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