Watch This Dumbass Shoot Through His Own Cheek To Get More Likes On Facebook

Man shoots his face

Nothing to lose.

Playing around with guns is a seriously dumb idea… unless you’ve got a death wish like this guy, in which case shoot away.

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The unnamed man in the video filmed himself holding a pistol to his cheek and shooting through the skin. I’m still not entirely sure how real it is – I mean, why did the bullet not shoot through his entire face? And why did he upload it onto Facebook? Having said that, as he pulls his hand away, there’s a hole on one side with ribbons of blood pouring out. The shot sounds pretty legit too.

Either way, this guy makes Chopper look like a mentally stable pillar of society. Flitting from saying, “If I die, fuck it,” to giggling at the camera while a glob of spitty blood runs down his face – all I’m saying is his therapist would have a field day.

What the fuck is his friend playing at, acting totally cool that his buddy just shot himself in his backseat? Imagine if he snuffed it? Good luck explaining that one to the police.

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