Dude Crashes His Car Into A Petrol Station


In Cincinnati, Ohio, some guy smashed his car into a petrol station, causing $5000 worth of damage. Unfortunately for the petrol station owner, the driver quickly leapt from the wreckage and hailed down a passing taxi and made off.

Residents of the U.S.A seem to provide something for us all to watch and laugh at on a daily basis, and today is no different. In Cincinnati, Ohio, one petrol station owner feared the worst when she saw a car career into the forecourt, crash, roll twice and end up perched on a bus stop bench.

She was most probably worried about the well-being of the driver, rather than the damage caused to her petrol station. Unfortunately for her, the guy who crashed the car was fine and didn’t seem to give a shit about the car he was driving or the damage he had done to her premises. Check out the video below:

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After the guy smashes up his car and a good chunk of the petrol station, he scrambles from the wreckage, hails down a taxi that appears to be stopping to see what was going on, has a bit of a chat and flitter between the front and back door, gets in and leaves. Now I’m in no position to judge what this guy was up to or how high/drunk he was but I’m pretty sure an innocent, sober citizen would hang around and not be so quick to get away.

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Since the incident occurred on Monday afternoon, the driver of the car nor the taxi driver who picked him up have been identified. Thanaa Bassette, the owner of the petrol station, has been lumped with $5000 fee to cover the cost of the damage while the police continue to investigate the incident.


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