Dude Bangs Out Kangaroo After It Gets His Dog In A Headlock (VIDEO)

man punch kangaroo

So Australian it hurts.

In what is pretty much the most Australian thing that has ever happened, a man was filmed punching a kangaroo in the face after it attacked his dog and got him in a headlock.

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You can see in the footage that the kangaroo has somehow managed to get hold of his dog and has him in a tight grip. The dude runs over and gets the animal to set the dog free, before punching the kangaroo in the face. The look of pure shock is just incredible:

What an absolute golden nugget of a video – it’s the way he squares up to the kangaroo like he’s a human. Fair play to him though, he did the right thing by his dog. I reckon that kangaroo will think twice before starting on a doggo in the future.

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