Footage Of Swansea Ball Boy Making A Prank Phone Call Emerges

Charlie Morgan Ball Boy

Charlie Morgan shot to fame on Wednesday night for getting kicked by Eden Hazard, but it turns out he’s just a little jerk. Here’s more evidence of him being a twat as he makes a really unfunny prank phone call to a hotel reception.

Charlie Morgan Ball Boy

Admittedly, when I first saw Eden Hazard kicking the ball boy on Wednesday night I thought it was completely outrageous and that he probably deserved to be sent off and maybe even get an extra ban or something. But I was watching it in a bar and was pretty far away from the screen and kinda wasted. By the time I had got home and watched it again on my computer and read what everyone had to say on twitter – especially the fact that he was the Swansea chairman’s SON and he had bragged about time wasting earlier on in the game AND clearly reacted worse than Luis Suarez after the faintest of touches – I kinda agreed that the ball boy was being a bit of a prick and that Hazard had only kicked the ball out of his hands and that it looked way worse on TV from far away in the bar than it actually was. Still I guess if you’re a top pro like Hazard then you probably shouldn’t react to stuff like that so it made it a pretty interesting debate. I think it was probably right to send him but I don’t think he should receive any further punishment or police charges, that’s just ridiculous.

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Today though even more footage of this ball boy, who’s name is Charlie Morgan, being an even bigger prick has emerged. I guess everyone performed prank phone calls when they were kids and they were pretty lolz at the time, even if you realise now that waking up some guy who you didn’t like at school’s parents in the middle of the night by calling their house phone and screaming down it is pretty out of order and ridiculous – especially when that guy’s parents are policemen so can track you down even if you used 141, whoopsie.

But , yeahthe prank phone call that Charlie Morgan does in this clip isn’t even that funny. Him and a couple of his mates are in a hotel room – probably one of his dad’s hotels, the little twat –  and look like they’re high as hell considering they’re laughing at everything he’s saying when he’s on the phone to the hotel receptionist, even if it’s just stuff like ‘I’m just phoning up to ask what time the gym is open tomorrow?’ which isn’t so much a prank call as an actual phone call. It doesn’t get much funnier than that as he just asks some questions about the minibar and how much stuff in it is, which is just lame really and made me think that this guy was even more of a dickhead then I had thought he was previously. I mean if you’re gonna do a prank phone call and film it and put it on the internet, at least make it funny, right? This is the kind of stuff that is lamer than an episode of Punk’d.

Check out the video below and let us know who you think the bigger jerk is, Charlie Morgan or Eden Hazard:

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