Drunk Women Get Matching Seagull And Chihuahua Tattoos In Benidorm



Yep, we’ve got another seagull story for you. Once again it’s in relation to that poor little chihuahua who was ruthlessly stolen from his garden by a seagull.

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While people are still on the lookout in the hope of finding the lost (or, let’s face it, eaten) pup, a couple of women decided to pay a tribute by getting matching tattoos of the dog and the seagull.

dog and owner

I say tribute, it’s more like a drunken piss-take.

Natalie Moran and Eve Hanson, both 22, had necked eleven pints of booze before getting inked while on holiday in Benidorm.

As is tradition on these types of holidays, they decided it would be a good idea to get an awful tattoo, taking inspiration from the Gizmo tragedy, which had been unfolding while they were away.

Natalie posted a picture of the tat alongside the caption:

Turns out the seagull dropped the chihuahua off in bennersssss.

Speaking to The Sun, she explained their reasoning behind the ink job:

We wanted to get something to mark our first holiday together but didn’t want anything too big.

That story has been everywhere while we’ve been in Benidorm and there are memes on Facebook so we decided to join in and remember Gizmo forever.

I prefer dogs so went for that and Eve got the seagull.

It’s her first one and it’s a seagull, which is funny because they only really work together. At least I can get a dog when I’m older but she won’t get a pet seagull.

I felt quite bad about it this morning as I’m worried about the dog though.

Well yeah, it’s probably a bit insensitive to the poor woman whose dog was snatched, but listen, it could be worse – just get a load of these Madeleine McCann tats.



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