The Drunk Kid Who Got Taken Down Because He Demanded Mac And Cheese Has Apologised For His Behaviour

Luke Gatti

Fair play to him after pulling off that supreme douche-bag move.

You might remember last week that we posted this video of a drunken University of Connecticut student who threw a grade A tantrum when he was denied bacon jalapeño mac and cheese.

To be honest, we thought that was probably the last we would ever hear from the guy as he would be crawling into a pit of shame that he would never have emerged from after the video went viral, but in fairness to the guy he’s actually come out and apologised for his behaviour in the video below.

19 year old Luke Gatti admits that he was a complete asshole and that nobody should ever be treated the way that he treated the cafeteria worker in the video. He admits that he was ‘a little intoxicated to say the least’ and that the video itself was a massive wake up call for his behaviour. You can check out the full video below:

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Interestingly, Gatti has been arrested twice before and neither of those were ‘the wake up call’ that he needed. This is especially weird considering that one of the times he got arrested was for repeatedly calling a police officer the n word. I guess this just shows the power of what a viral video can achieve in this day and age, just like when this video made $130,000 before it was proved to be fake.


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