Drunk Student Gets Owned After Throwing A Fit Over Bacon Jalapeño Mac And Cheese In The Student Union

I’ve never wanted to see someone slapped across the face so badly.

The story goes that this student walked into the student union cafeteria already drunk, opened up a can of beer, then demanded staff get him a “bacon jalapeño mac-‘n-cheese” (which actually sounds delicious).

When they refused, he got in the manager’s face and it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened:

Love how that guy had his manager’s back. “You don’t touch my boss!”. So awesome. That’s how you guarantee yourself a promotion at the student union canteen.

Still how much abuse did that manager just sit there and take without even doing anything? Some 19 year old punk is ripping the shit out of you and pushing you around in front of everyone, poking you in your name tag and shit. Wake up dude, nobody cares if you give him a smack, in fact they’d probably love you for it. Or launch him through a window, as was the case during this fight in Subway.


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