Drone Footage Of Wuhan Shows How Coronavirus Has Turned City Into An Eerie Ghost Town

God help them.

Like most people I had never heard of Wuhan before the coronavirus outbreak, but it’s a large city of 11 million people – that’s more than London and New York.

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Except now with 600+ dead and mostly everyone else evacuated and quarantined, the place looks like some kind of post-apocalyptic ghost town:

Unbelievable. It looks like the trailer to an end of the world film where 95% of the population has been wiped out already. Crazy to think that this is even possible. Could you imagine the government managing to shut down London or NYC in this way? It just seems like too big a task, and yet the fact they’ve managed to pull it off shows how serious the coronavirus is.

As we found out yesterday, even the doctor who first warned about the coronavirus has died from it:

Not to sound too crazy or anything but with all the other conspiracy theories that have come out about the coronavirus, isn’t it possible that the Chinese government took this guy out to shut him up? There’s already a whole bunch of other conspiracy theories about China downplaying the severity of the virus and killing/burning coronavirus patients. There’s even a theory that they unleashed the virus onto the public on purpose.

Even without the internet rumours and conspiracies, the actual reports coming out of Wuhan are horrifying enough. Hope you’ve ordered your hospital masks from Amazon.

[h/t Asia Times]


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