The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This ISIS Member That Looks Like Drake

Drake must be so vexed about this.

‘Drake ISIS’ was trending like crazy on Twitter last night because people seem to think this member of ISIS looks just like Drake.

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Have to say, they’re not wrong:



Man, Drake must be so pissed about this. One minute you’re one of the biggest selling artists in the world, crushing your enemies with diss tracks, hooking up with Serena Williams (yikes), and then boom — the Internet starts saying that you look like a dude from ISIS. That’s got to sting to someone who cares about their image as much as Drake. I mean obviously it doesn’t really matter that he looks like this guy but at the same time it’s fucking ISIS – the worst human beings on the planet. I’m pretty sure there was some kind of nail salon or some shit last year that had to shut down because their name was ‘ISIS’, and all because they shared the same name with them. There’s no way they could have seen it coming, just like there’s no way Drake could have seen this coming. Just bad luck really. Just bad, bad luck.

Still, can’t be as embarrassing as that gross story an Instagram groupie leaked about him.


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