Donald Trump Just Pulled Off The Most Screwed Up Social Media Faux Pas In Political History

Donald Trump

The man’s not fit to run a bath, let alone a country.

Donald Trump is a fucking bellend. Let’s not beat about the Bush (yeah that’s a political pun – come at me ladies), we all know he’s a bellend. And he proves it time and time again. Whether he’s objectifying women, sharing his extremist views or mocking the disabled, there’s no doubt he’s a gigantic asshat. And it all gets so much worse whenever he takes to social media.

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He’s had many a faux-pas on Twitter over the past year or so, but this latest one is just more indisputable evidence of his blatant racism. Well, either that or he really is a lot more stupid than any of us gave him credit for. To make this mistake you’d have to be so ludicrously dumb that I almost hope he is just a racist for his own sake. Then again, to be racist you’d have to have a pretty low IQ as well, so really there’s no hope for him and he’s fucked either way.

Donald Trump

The incident happened when a Trump supporter Tweeted a photoshopped image of Jeb Bush holding a card reading ‘Vote Trump’, outside of Trump Tower. Fairly playful, nothing too outrageous right? Except that the Twitter user in question was using the handle @WhiteGenocideTM and his account links to a site promoting the documentary ‘Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told’.

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So what are Trump’s options here? Well, logically you’d just ignore the Tweet. Disregard it and move on with your life. Right? Nah, not Trump. He decided to retweet the fucking thing:

And obviously he’s had a bit of backlash:

Tragic. In fact, almost as tragic as when he tried to do a Q&A but got ruthlessly trolled instead.


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