Donald Trump’s Twitter Q & A Was A Complete Disaster After He Predictably Got Massively Trolled

Donald Trump

Well this was always going to happen wasn’t it?

It’s amazing how some successful businessmen just don’t understand the way of the world these days.

Take Donald Trump. Even though he’s a billionaire, he still acts like an idiot all the time in public and thinks that a good idea to drum up support for Republican nomination is to have a Twitter Q & A session. Surely he knew he was just going to get completely rinsed when he announced this?

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Trump actually sat down at Twitter headquarters and answered a bunch of lame questions like ‘what would you do on your first day as President?’ and ‘what is the key to success in business?’ on a video camera for all his fans to see, which I’m sure helped a lot of people decide that they were going to vote for him.

The real gold was with all the people that took the opportunity to send in loads of posts rinsing him though:

Wow Patton, really insightful there. I suppose it does create awareness that Donld Trump is running for the Republican ticket, but all it’s really creating is awareness that most people think that Donald Trump is an absolute idiot. Great PR guys.

If you really need to know why voting for Donald Trump is a bad idea then check out the video below.


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