Donald Trump Stooped Lower Than He Ever Has Before In His Latest Campaign Speech



It’s widely regarded amongst most people with brains that Donald Trump is a complete and utter moron. If the unthinkable happened and he actually got the Republican nomination and made it into the White House then it would be one of the worst events to have ever happened in recorded history.

With this knowledge being firmly in the public sphere, you might think that Trump might change his attitude and do something to try and win over the people that are so vehemently against him. You would think wrong.

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At a South Carolina rally on Tuesday night, Donald Trump was trying to defend his claim that he saw thousands of Muslims in New York City celebrating when the Twin Towers went down. Everyone in their right mind has said this is complete and utter bullshit, but still Trump insists on going forward with it.

As part of his latest argument he chose to insult the appearance of a New York Times reporter named Serge Kovaleski, who suffers from arthrogryposis. This is a condition that affects the movement of joints and is noticeable in his right arm and hand. Trump has been using a Washington Post article that Kovaleski wrote at the time to substantiate his claim, in particular the sentence:

Authorities in Jersey City detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.

When asked about this, Kovaleski had the following statement:

I do not recall anyone saying there were thousands, or even hundreds, of people celebrating.

Donald Trump tried to refute this on Tuesday and chose to mock Kovaleski’s appearance and memory and kind of implied he was retarded. You can kind of tell that from the image above and the face his is making, but check it out in the video below too:

Wow. I mean, Trump could have done this in so much more of an eloquent fashion, right, instead of just mocking a disabled person and implying they’re stupid because they can’t work their body parts properly, usually through no fault of their own. What an absolute asshat.

The New York Times said the following:

We think it’s outrageous that he would ridicule the appearance of one of our reporters.

whereas Kovaleski – who actually interviewed Trump about his businesses multiple times from 1987 – 1993 – didn’t seem too surprised about his actions:

The sad part about it is, it didn’t in the slightest bit jar or surprise me that Donald Trump would do something this low-rent, given his track record.

Hit the nail on the head really. If you need any more evidence of why Donald Trump is a moron, watch the video below.



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