This Supercut Of Donald Trump Talking About All Of His Friends Is Absolutely Perfect

I’m so glad Jimmy Kimmel put this together.

There’s something Donald Trump does all the time that we haven’t really touched on but it always irritated me a little bit — the guy makes out that literally EVERYONE in the world is his friend. Everyone he mentions is a “friend of mine”. Adolt Hitler? Friend of mine. It just makes it very hard to trust him on top of everything else that already makes it very hard to trust him.

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Anyway, Jimmy Kimmel put together a bunch of clips where Trump talks about his friends, and it’s pretty great.

Watch below:

He’s like that kid in school who thinks everyone rates him highly but really they just use him for his free house or something. I would love to actually see someone go around and interview all these people who Trump claims to be friends with. Remember when he said that Ronda Rousey was a huge fan of his, only for her to completely deny it afterwards?

Not to mention the time he said he could’ve banged Princess Diana, when in reality she found him creepy as fuck.


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