Domino’s Save Customer’s Life By Checking On Him After He Hadn’t Placed Order In 11 Days

Domino’s FTW.

Staff from Domino’s Pizza in Oregon over in the States saved their #1 customer’s life after realising he hadn’t ordered a pizza in 11 days.

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Employees at the shop became worried after 47-year-old Kirk Alexander – a regular for seven years – hadn’t called in to order a pizza in nearly two weeks, so they sent a delivery driver round to his house to check on him.

When employee Tracey Hamblen knocked on his door there was no response even though she could see the lights and TV on inside. She called his mobile – straight to voicemail. That’s when she called 911 and the police arrived to find Alex inside the house.

Alexander had suffered a stroke, and as he lived on his own there was no one about to help him. He was taken to hospital and told he has “severe health problems” (which figures considering the amount of takeaway he eats).

Domino’s confirmed that Alexander is a regular, valued customer who will order anything from pasta or pizza to sandwiches or wings.

It’s never the same thing every time.


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This reminds me of the place I used to order from when I was at uni. Literally every other day for three years I’d order something from them and then when I graduated I just stopped. I wonder if those Turkish dudes working there even care if I’m alive or dead? I’ll bet they’re sick with worry.

Domino’s are cool enough to actually reach out and make sure though, which is why we fuck with them massively (well that’s not why but it’s certainly a bonus). Follow Sick Chirpse on Twitter to be in with a chance of winning free pizza every Sunday.


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