What If Doc Brown And Marty McFly Travelled Forward In Time To Actual 2015?

Doc Brown Marty 1985

The future is a lot different to how they found it in the movie.

Everyone is probably going to get really excited next week when we actually finally reach the date that Doc Brown and Marty McFly travelled forward to in Back To The Future II – 21st October 2015. There are going to be so many people posting that on Facebook and Twitter but just remember – you heard it here first.

Anyway, the guys over at College Humour have pre-empted all that celebrating by going one better and making a short animated movie that shows what would have happened if the pair had travelled forward in time to the actual 2015 instead of the one imagined in the classic movie. So instead of hover boards and self lacing trainers you have those stupid skegways and a profound fear of ISIS. It’s actually pretty on point and a real hoot if you’re a fan of the movies, which let’s face it everyone is.

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Like I said, completely on point, although it’s a bit unfair on some parts because self lacing shoelaces and hover boards are actually almost a thing now. Well, kinda.

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