Marty McFly Worries He Might Be Gay In Deleted Back To The Future Scene

Marty McFly Doc Brown

We can see why this was left on the cutting room floor.

Back To The Future is undoubtedly the best trilogy of all time and the first movie is probably one of the greatest movies of all time – it’s certainly in my top ten anyway. However, i think the movie would have been noticeably more cringeworthy and weird if this scene hadn’t been left on the cutting room floor.

The scene takes place just before Marty is set to take his own mother to prom, and he discusses roughing her up with Doc Brown and how it’s going to be weird for him – that’s the plan to make her stop liking him in case you forgot. No shit dude, of course roughing up a woman is going to be weird but it’s probably going to be even weirder when it’s your own mother.

It’s kind of creepy though when Doc winks at Marty when he tells him he has to ‘take a few liberties with her’, which he might have got away with in the 80s but kind of just implies he likes beating up women these days. However it’s Marry’s response that’s even more puzzling, as he wonders if roughing up his mother might turn him queer when he returns to the future.

Say what?! Again I know this was made in the 80s but did whoever wrote the script for this really think that was appropriate, or something that might actually happen in a theoretical situation like this!? Bizarre.

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