You Can Now Get Deep Fried Mince Pies

Deep Fried Mince Pies

Tis the season.

Following on from the trend of deep frying absolutely everything like Tequila shots and Twinkies , a Lincolnshire chippy in Spalding named Oh My Cod! has decided to deep fry mince pies for the festive season. They’ve been a massive hit too, with over 100 sold since they went on the menu last week for the price of 60p.

Owner Bill Rai explained the decision:

We’ve never done them before,.

We just wanted to do something for Christmas.

A lot of places have done battered Mars Bars and we just thought this was something a little different.

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Oh My Cod

Some people are not too sure about them.

We cook them to order, but have a couple in the cabinet because customers want to see what they look like.

They want to be able to say that at least they tried it — and then they come back for more!

The mince pies are more flavoursome after deep frying – the heat seems to allow the spices to come through more.

Well there you have it – if I lived anywhere near Oh My Cod! I would definitely be checking it out. Unfortunately I don’t though so that’s not going to be happening this year.

Apparently a chippy in London called Sutton & Sons in Stoke Newington is also doing them so maybe I’ll check that out, but I think the Oh My Cod! ones sound like they’re going to be better though – you can’t beat that Northern authenticity.

If that got you excited, check out the deep fried mac and cheese burger next.


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