Deep Fried Tequila Exists – And It Will Get You Completely Wasted

Deep Fried Tequila

Edible alcohol – finally.

This is what you’ve been waiting for but you didn’t even know it.

It’s deep fried tequila and you don’t even have to buy it from a restaurant or the store – you can just make it yourself. The recipe comes courtesy of Oh! Bite It and goes a little something like this.

Basically, you buy  a cake (or make you’re own if that’s something you enjoy), then cut it up, soak the bits in tequila and then fry them in oil until their golden brown. Maybe put some powdered sugar on them for extra style points.

Then eat them and get really really trashed. Seriously – it works.

 Deep Fried Tequila 4

Deep Fried Tequila 1

Deep Fried Tequila 3

Deep Fried Tequila 2


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