Introducing ‘The Mac Attack’ – Deep Fried Mac And Cheese Burger

Mac Attack Burger Featured

The Mac Attack is a regular burger but instead of two buns to put it in you get two pieces of deep fried macaroni and cheese.

Following on from the Zlatan Burger last week, we’ve got an even more retarded/delicious looking cacophony of taste and a lack of common sense for you to feast your eyes on.

This time we’re heading over to Chicago to check out a burger that’s been lovingly christened the Mac Attack – mainly because its key ingredient is macaroni and cheese and yeah you’re right, they’re using deep fried macaroni and cheese as the bun. Everything else is pretty much the same as you would expect in a regular burger –  a regular burger patty topped with cheese, lettuce, scallions (scallions?!) and sriracha ketchup.

It’s available at the Rock-It Burger Bar in Chicago and was originally only going to be available until last Sunday, but such is its popularity they’re extending it to the end of the month. Take a look at some pictures of it below and start planning that trip to Chicago that you always wanted to go on.

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Mac Attack 1

Mac Attack


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