8 Death Metal Bands That You Are Going To Wish You’d Never Heard Of

A selection of death metal bands that you won’t believe exist. But for some reason, they do.

We’ve all been there…

3 am on a Saturday morning, you’re browsing just about anything on the web in effort to put off going to sleep for another half hour. And then you start clicking on YouTube links, inevitably finding yourself in that weird part of Youtube where disabled people do vocal covers of Justin Bieber and some guy eats a pack of tampons for no reason whatsoever.

Well something similar happened to me not too long ago. One minute I was watching cute videos of cats doing stupid things and the next I was in the very murky depths of YouTube’s underground death metal community.

Before I share with you my findings, I must point out that many of bands included in this list would not necessarily call themselves death metal bands. Grindcore is perhaps the more appropriate term used by the fans, but I have also witnessed the terms “Goregrind”, “Porngrind” or just plain old “Pornogore”.

As the genre would imply, this article is definitely not safe for work. Oh and don’t forget to give your search history a bit of a clean after reading this and before letting your sister borrow your laptop.

8. Putrid Pile

First on the list, but certainly not the first band to include the word “Putrid” in their name, Putrid Pile are probably my favourite of all the Putrids. They seem to have a relatively strong following compared to most other Goregrind bands, with over 30,000 likes on their Facebook fan page and their old classic “Food for the Maggots” having racked up an impressive 200,000 views on Youtube. From what I can tell, Putrid Pile is actually only made up of one guy who provides vocals, guitars, bass and drum programming all by himself. I can only assume this is because none of his friends wanted to be in a band called Putrid Pile with him.

You can check out their song “Food for the Maggots” below.

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