Deal Or No Deal Returns With New Lottery

Lottery betting operator Lottoland Limited has launched a new online lotto based on the famous hit live Television game show Deal or No Deal.  The game show hosted by Noel Edmonds ran in the UK for 11 years gives you a chance to multiply your winnings up to £1million. Lottoland is renowned for its long track record of innovation, which has seen the company achieve a Guinness World Record title for the Largest Online Gambling payout in the Euro Jackpot payout of €90 million.

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The latest addition is the Deal or No Deal live TV game show, which the company has introduced to the market as a diversification strategy in its portfolio. The game allows you to select a set of six numbers between 1 and 49 before being enrolled in an instant win draw. If your numbers match, you will get the chance to multiply your winnings by playing against the devious banker. Deal or No Deal Lotto is available at the comfort of your home on your PC or phone.

Game Information

Lottoland Deal or No Deal is inspired by the popular Deal or No Deal TV show and games. The classic game resembles real money games with a little twist that will keep you coming back time and time again.  There are 16 briefcases with different cash amounts in them. The thrill of the game is for players to predict whether the amount of the money in the last briefcase, out of 16 briefcases, will contain an amount higher than the banker’s offer.

Qualifications to Play Deal or No Deal

To join Deal or No Deal Lotto only at Lottoland you must qualify for the game by placing your bet on a wheel consisting of three rings. Place your bet and spin the wheel to align the gold segments of the ring in the upper section of the wheel. Every time you spin the wheel, the amount of money is set in the highest prized briefcase by 75x to 500x of your bet. Click on the Bet Now button and pick your set of six random numbers between 1 and 49. You can further purchase extra chances with the easy and very easy options to help you qualify and get into the game.

Top-Up Wheel

Upon qualification, a top-up wheel will appear. Top up the amount of money in the briefcase of your choice by 5X to 50X of your bet by selecting the Top Up bet amount and spinning the wheel. You can spin the wheel as many times as you can within the reassigned timescale. Ensure you have sufficient funds to cover your bets within the assigned time.

Game Time

During the game show, Noel Edmonds will slowly open the briefcases revealing the numbers of the briefcases that will no longer be participating in the game show. He will then make a Deal or No Deal offer awaiting your response. Four offers will be made;

  • First opening and offer

Here, three random briefcases will be picked leaving 13 briefcases for stage two of the game. The devious banker will make a deal or no deal offer and await your response. If you choose ‘DEAL’, your winning amount will be displayed in a message and the amount totaled to your balance. You will then be prompted to return to the qualification stage. If you choose NO DEAL, you will proceed to stage two of the game. If the decision time lapses before making your choice, it will be interpreted as NO DEAL and you will proceed.

  • Second opening and offer

In this stage, four random briefcases are picked leaving nine for stage three of the game. Again, there will be a DEAL or NO DEAL offer from the banker where you will make your decision within the allocated time.

  • Third opening and offer

Four random briefcases will be opened leaving five for stage four of the game. The DEAL or NO DEAL offer will be made for you to make your decision.

  • Fourth opening and offer

Three random briefcases will be opened leaving only two. The banker will make the final offer with three options unlike in the previous stages where they are two. You will a decision between DEAL, NO DEAL, or SWTCH BRIEFCASES.

  1. If you choose Deal, you close the offer and collect your winnings
  2. If you choose No Deal, you win the prize of the assigned briefcase
  3. If you believe that the amount is bigger in the other briefcase, you will choose Switch Briefcase

One of the last two briefcases will be opened with a message displaying your winnings will appear and you will return to the qualification stage to initiate another bet. In all the stages, make your decision wisely, as this will affect your ability to land the biggest prizes.


With the Deal or No Deal game show, you can win up to 500x of your bet and the payout made to your account. Currently, the return to player is estimated at 70.81%. Since the game is still in its early stages, the RTP is low but bound to change over time as it has been estimated on a short-term basis.


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