DeadMau5 Totally Rips Justin Bieber A New One

DeadMau5 Justin Bieber

He really doesn’t let anything slide here.

Deadmau5 has never been one to leave his opinions by the wayside – remember his expletive laden feud with Skrillex a couple of years ago – and he isn’t about to start now.

During a recent live streaming session, someone brought up how Justin Bieber’s new album was fire, which caused him to go on a five minute rant about how Justin Bieber was a meat puppet. He basically called him out for only being able to hold two notes for a whole 75 minute album that was all the work of somebody else essentially. Then he started to call out Skrillex and the entire music industry pretty much.

Take a listen below, it’s pretty entertaining:

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Hmm. Whilst no doubt Deadmau5 has a point about what he’s saying here, the fact is it seems a little bit weird for him to be getting so butthurt about it. The fact of the matter is that producers have always put the brunt of the work in on the albums of the majority of singers like Justin Bieber, so it isn’t really surprising that this would have happened on his new record – it seems like if you’re going to fire shots at Bieber for this then you may as well take aim at the entire music industry?

This is the kind of thing you might get upset about when you’re 15 but it’s also the kind of thing you probably get over by the time you’re 25, because that’s just the way it is and you can’t really do anything about it. If you’re good enough just go and do your own thing like Deadmau5 has done or if you’re not good enough then get over it.

Or maybe you still get upset about it and rant about sometimes when you’re down in your basement on your own, smoking cigarettes and live streaming and probably on coke. I could probably see that happening to me at some point.

Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio refused to hang out with Justin Bieber? That was cool as well.


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