DeadMau5 Responds To Skrillex’s Disses With Expletive Laden Rant

Skrillex Deadmau5

It’s not really any surprise that Deadmau5 was going to reply to those disses sooner rather than later, was it?

Earlier today we mentioned that Skrillex had completely rinsed DeadMau5 along with completely bigging up Justin Bieber – surely there was something wrong with that picture?

In any case, it was always highly likely that Deadmau5 would reply sooner than later and that’s exactly what he’s done via the medium of his Twitter account. Here’s what he’s been chatting:

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Uh oh, that doesn’t sound like Deadmau5 is very happy about that does it? Looks like we’ve got that industry beef that we were after. Hopefully this will lead to Skrillex blasting out some Deadmau5 memes at his next live show, after he’s finished producing Justin Bieber’s new record of course.


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