‘Dead’ Woman Wakes Up Just As Doctors Are About To Remove Her Organs


What’s the worst way to wake up? How about surrounded by doctors in surgical masks as they’re about to remove your organs?

What’s the worst way to wake up? I used to think it was brain-splitting, ear-ringing “I swear I’m never drinking again” hangovers, puke and Pizza Hut boxes everywhere, mobile phone and wallet missing, and discovering this girl sound asleep next to you. That was my definition of hitting rock bottom. I’m now ready to reconsider how bad that really is compared to waking up on an operating table surrounded by doctors in lab coats and surgical masks seconds away from slicing me open with a razor sharp scalpel and pulling my kidneys out. Oh God that would be the worst.

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41-year-old Colleen Burns from Pennsylvania had overdosed on Xanax, Benadryl and muscle relaxants and had slipped into a deep coma. She was mistakenly declared brain dead, and her family gave the OK for her life support to be switched off and for her organs to be harvested. All this despite the fact Mrs. Burns’ toes were curling and her nostrils were flaring when she was free of her respirator. Luckily her eyes opened just as they were about to go ahead with the procedure.

☛ Disturbing: Medical Cock-Ups

I’m not one to consider suing someone and wasting my time on back-and-forths in court. I don’t like people looking to make money off suing other people for their mistakes. But having said that if I woke up in hospital just as my internal organs were about to be harvested I’d be suing everyone in the building for everything they’re worth. You’re a doctor, with a medical degree — it’s not too much to hope that you’ll be able to tell whether I’m alive or dead before ripping my torso open. I think that’s a reasonable expectation in the doctor/patient relationship.

Is my body decomposing? Can’t find my pulse? Fair enough, I’m probably dead. Am I breathing and are my toes curling? I’d say don’t slice me open and pull my liver out. Cheers.

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