David Cameron Says ‘You Ain’t No Muslim Bruv’ Over A Mashup Of Grime Tracks

David Cameron

This makes the whole situation slightly less upsetting.

The internet understandably broke and was pretty upset yesterday when David Cameron was filmed saying ‘You Ain’t No Muslim Bruv’. I mean it was stupid and it kind ruined the whole movement right?

However, someone out there was quick enough of the bat to see the potential for viral dominance and quickly decided to mash up Cameron’s quote with a number of famous grime tracks for some major lolz. That person was Ian McQuaid, and you can hear Cameron’s painful pronunciation of bruv over tracks like Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp’, Youngstar’s ‘Pulse X’, and XTC’s ‘Functions’.

Make sure you listen to the end because there’s a special surprise right there, although if you know anything about Cameron’s recent exploits then you can probably guess what it involves:

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Wow. That’s almost made the whole incident – not the Leytonstone stabbing, the awfulness of Cameron repeating the phrase – acceptable, although it hasn’t really. It’s just slightly less upsetting.

This Cassetteboy Piggate remix of David Cameron will never get old though.


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