David Cameron Attempted A Scottish Accent And Failed Miserably

David Cameron

What an Eton mess.

David Cameron seems to be really good at public embarrassment. Like how about the time he got rinsed by 70s band Squeeze live on TV? Or who can forget the whole “you ain’t no Muslim, bruv” speech? There are just so many classic moments it’s hard to note them all down.

Fact is, Cameron is a massive posho. He comes from Eton, he speaks the Queen’s English and he looks like a proper sad dad whenever he tries to do anything to alleviate this image. But still, time and time again he tries to and ends up looking even more posh than he did before — like this recent attempt at a Scottish accent at a speech he was giving in Edinburgh. Needless to say it did not go down well and couldn’t have sounded more English if he tried. I don’t know why he has to make things so hard for himself.

Speaking at the Scottish Conservative Party conference, he recalled seeing England lose at Murrayfield in the 1990 Five Nations. Cameron talks about going to the local chippy where the server asked (in his best Highland accent he could do):

What’ll it be lads? Humble pie?

Oh jeez Cameron. Not even a funny joke to begin with. See for yourself:

Still I don’t think that this video blows his cover more than the time he ate a hot dog at a barbeque with a knife and fork. Just face it Cameron, you’re posh through and through and you’re never going to be anything else. Stop with the “banter” and stick to what you’re good at like bombing countries and stuff.


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