David Beckham Visits Shanghai University, 7 People End Up In Hospital


David Beckham is on a 7 day tour of China to clean up the image of the Chinese Super League, but he may end up doing more harm than good.

Just take a look at those pictures. Chaos, mayhem, destruction. All David Beckham wants to do is be a good football ambassador to China but instead he causes a bloodbath just by showing up.

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We all know Chinese people love to photograph things, but it’s doubtful any of them got any decent pics of David on this occasion. Kind of hurts your chances when you’ve got your iPhone camera all geared up and ready and just as you’ve got him in frame you’re suddenly being stomped and stampeded on by every person in the surrounding area.

Beckham is in China for 7 days to lend his clean cut image to the Chinese Super League, which is riddled with corrupt refs, players and owners.

Keep clicking ‘Next’ to witness Beckham’s inadvertent trail of destruction:

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