Danny Way Just Broke The Record For The Highest Air On A Skateboard Ever

Danny Way Biggest Air

And it was completely awesome.

Danny Way has always been one of those pioneering skateboarders who is looking to push the boundaries of the sport as far as it can go, and he’s done it again with this video in which he achieves the highest air on a skateboard in history. It’s a whopping 25.5 feet above the coping and breaking a record that has been in existence for 12 years which he himself previously held. Of course he did.

In order to complete the jump, Danny also had to have the biggest ramp ever built n the Cuyamaca Mountains above San Diego, that clocked in at an impressive 256 feet long and 56 feet tall, which enabled him to reach speeds of 56mph on it. It also meant that at his peak high above the ramp he was a whopping 81 feet above the ground. That’s pretty high up guys.

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Inspirational stuff – those bails at the start looks absolutely nasty – especially considering it’s a fucking 81 foot drop or whatever. But like all good skaters, Danny Way just picked himself up and got on with it and broke the record, no worries.

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