Kristian Krasimirov Hits One Of The Gnarliest Skate Tricks Of All Time

Gnarliest Skate Trick

He hits a perfect 360 flip down a 5 stair set and then lands on top of another board and skates off.

Barcelona skater Kristian Mrasimirov actually nailed this trick a couple of months ago but it’s receiving more exposure now he actually received a nomination for trick of the year from The Berics. And when you see it, then you’ll totally understand why. In fact, it’s really surprising it wasn’t all over the internet when he first landed it because it’s absolutely spectacular and like nothing else I’ve ever seen before.

It’s basically a 360 flip down a five set of stairs – OK nothing special there – but Mrasimirov lands it on ANOTHER board and then rides off on both of them. I wouldn’t even think it was possible, let alone worth trying but this kid just absolutely nails it like it’s no big deal. His 360 flip is completely dope too.

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Wow, you don’t see something like that every day eh? It seems like a no brainer that he’ll take home the award for trick of the year after that because it really was unprecedented and showed a lot of innovation as well as incredible technique. If you enjoyed that, then check out this video of the most ridiculously tech skateboarder of all time.


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