Bob Burnquist’s Dreamland Edit Is On A Different Level

Bob Burnquist is one of the most influential skaters to grace the ramp, and you can tell exactly why in his new edit “Dreamland”.

This is probably the best skate edit you have ever seen. I could write loads about it, but quite frankly Bob Burnquist’s skating speaks for itself.

It’s a beautiful thing seeing the progression of a sport you love right in front of your eyes, and we are lucky to be living in an age where extreme sports are expanding in such a spectacular way. The dude drops in from a helicopter for fucks sake. The ramp he’s skating on is actually in his backyard and is referred to as “Dreamland” (hence the name of the video), so it’s no wonder that he looks so comfortable on it.

One of the best in the world doing what he does best. Zoot, chill, watch, enjoy:

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