Teen On Ketamine Goes BALLISTIC When Mum Tells Him Off, Threatens To Shoot Her Boyfriend (VIDEO)

Don’t let you mum catch you doing ket.

Competition for 2019 meltdown of the year awards is heating up after this clip popped up on Twitter account @notcuntface the other day. 

You’d think the 5 foot tall bagel shop misogynist had it in the bag following his viral antics last week, but this kid is giving him a run for his money with a terrifying grade A freak out for the ages. 

Here’s what happened when his mum came home to find him drugged up and gave him a dressing down on camera:

Looks like he needs a hug to me. Not sure shaming him on camera and sharing the footage online is the wisest move but then I guess we did get an crazy viral video out of it. 

Here’s hoping this lad gets the help he needs and doesn’t deliver on his promise at the end of the video to pop out of a bush and murder his mum’s boyfriend. Also bit weird that he’s so hyper and aggressive on ket… maybe he’s on the Calvin Klein cocktail?

To read about the new super strength ketamine that makes users feel like they’re dead, click HERE.


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