Check Out This Footage Of A Countryside Rave From 1993

Countryside Rave 93

When acid house was blowing people’s minds and the pills were flowing like water.

Back in the day if you wanted to go to a rave, it wasn’t a case of finding the tackiest flyer you could find (check out these terrible rave flyers for examples of what we mean) but it was more a case of driving around the countryside trying to find a secret location where everyone would go absolutely crazy and buzz their faces off for a few hours, then attempt to sleep in a tent or just drive straight home – if they could find their car that is.

This footage is from the aftermath of a rave that took place on New Year’s Eve at some place called Littlecote House. The rave was called Fantazia and looks like it was pretty heavy, especially judging by the fact that most of the people in this video are still partying even though it’s well into the next day.

As can be expected in these kinds of videos there’s a lot of people completely fucked off their nut talking absolute shit and dancing like idiots. Normally this wouldn’t be THAT funny but when you consider it’s 93 and they’re at a secret rave and you check out their dress sense then it really does take it to the next level. It’s certainly a lot better than this Italian chav rave party from roughly the same era.


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