Worried Air Passengers Are Wrapping Themselves In Full-Body Plastic Sheets To Fend Off Coronavirus

The best way to avoid getting the coronavirus this week.

A couple weeks after we shared footage of people walking around airports with giant water bottles on their heads, it looks like the best way to avoid catching the coronavirus has evolved to include wrapping yourself in a full-body plastic sheet.

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Basically, you end up looking like a flaccid penis in a giant, loose-fitting condom:

The footage was filmed by a passenger on a flight from Sydney to Hamilton Island off the coast of Australia. Australia so far has confirmed 15 cases of the virus, all of them with a ‘direct or indirect link’ to the city of Wuhan at the centre of the outbreak.

Like many countries, Australia has barred entry to visitors who have been to mainland China in the last 14 days, regardless of nationality. Pretty sensible I think.

As for wrapping yourself up in one of these full-body plastic sheets, I guess it’s not a bad idea as long as you don’t suffocate to death. If going viral for looking like a giant condom is what it takes to not become a victim of the coronavirus, then so be it. Not to mention you get to avoid all the foul-smelling farts from fellow passengers. Win/win in my book.

For the scientist who believes the coronavirus was brought to Earth by a meteorite in 2019, click HERE. Huge if true.

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