People Are Avoiding Coronavirus By Walking Around With Massive Water Bottles On Their Heads

Here’s the latest way to protect yourself from the coronavirus.

Coronavirus hysteria has reached fever pitch (pun not intended but intended) this week, with 170 people dead and nearly 8000 cases confirmed. 

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All things considered, that’s not actually too bad. Only a small percentage of people are dying which is why when you see people on the London underground wearing face masks you can’t help but think ‘oh come on’. 

But that’s nothing compared to the safety measures taken by Chinese travellers around the world, obviously:

Sorry but that’s just ridiculous. Can you even breathe properly with a water bottle over your head? No point protecting yourself from the coronavirus if you’re just going to suffocate to death is there?

Would love to know whose idea it was to just stick a giant water bottle on their head and then walk around safe in the knowledge that there’s no way they could catch the coronavirus. To be fair I guess it does protect your eyes and ears in a way those medical masks don’t, so that’s +1 for the water bottle heads. It’s better than wearing nothing, I suppose.

For the coronavirus conspiracy theory which suggests the Chinese unleashed the virus on purpose, click HERE. Surely not?

[h/t MailOnline]


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