This Scientist Thinks That Coronavirus Was Bought To Earth By A Meteorite In 2019

Is the Coronavirus alien?

We know that the Coronavirus is rapidly spreading around the world and more and more people are becoming infected, but what we don’t know is just where it came from.

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There are a number of theories out there ranging from the fairly sensible – a fish market/bat market in Wuhan – to the more shadowy and secretive – it was unleashed by the Chinese government – but the most outlandish and downright crazy possibility I’ve heard comes courtesy of this scientist from Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology named Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe. He believes that the Coronavirus is extraterrestrial in its origin:

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The sudden outbreak of a new coronavirus is very likely to have a space connection, the strong localization of the virus within China is the most remarkable aspect of the disease.

In October last year a fragment of a comet exploded in a brief flash in North East China.

We think it probable that this contained embedded within it a monoculture of infective 2019-nCoV virus particles that survived in the interior of the incandescent meteor.

We consider the seemingly outrageous possibility that hundreds of trillions of infective viral particles were then released embedded in the form of fine carbonaceous dust.

We believe infectious agents are prevalent in space, carried on comets, and can fall towards Earth through the troposphere.

These, we think, can and have in the past gone on to bring about human disease epidemics.

We believe this could have happened with the novel coronavirus.

I mean to be honest when I first heard this guy talking I thought it was just gonna be another wacky theory, but the way he explained it coupled with the fact that he is a fairly prominent name in the mathematics and astronomy world makes me think that this could actually be what’s going down here? And maybe all viruses and infectious diseases actually come from outer space and not weird animals like we kind of think they are now? Mindblowing stuff.

For more of the same, here’s some Indian guy saying the Coronavirus was sent to punish meat eaters. Now THAT theory is nonsensical.


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