Corey Feldman’s Band Performed On TV Again And It Was Even Weirder Than Before


Car crash.

Corey Feldman went viral a few weeks ago when he appeared on ‘The Today Show’ to sing one of his new songs in what can only described as one of the most bizarre performances of all time.

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The song produced all the negative feedback that you would expect it to, with many questioning Feldman’s sanity. He actually turned into a bit of an online hero for going out and doing his own thing and speaking out about how the online trolling/bullying had drastically affected and upset him. So what better way to combat it by heading back onto ‘The Today Show’ and performing another awful song?

I can probably think of 1,000 better ways to deal with Corey’s problem – like maybe listen to the overwhelming voice of the population and stop making music and performing it – but apparently I’m not sensible and the solution was to go onto TV and do it all again. Makes sense:

OK, in fairness that one isn’t quite as bizarre as Corey’s last performance, but the song sounds like the kind of 15-year-old band you would see at the local talent show in your dead end town. Corey’s singing is awful, the musicianship is bad and the less said about that guitar solo the better.

Of course, I did enjoy some of the more visual aspects of the performance, like when he dramatically let his pony tail down or waved the American flag but overall it was still a train wreck. Fair play to the guy for keeping at it though – I just hope he can deal with the fallout again as it seemed like had a pretty tough time of it last time.

For more Corey Feldman, check out his original music video from back in 2014 which is just as batshit crazy. Ascension Millennium baby.


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