Presenting the first ever footage of a real life hoverboard!

I came across this video on the Facebook profile of some French dude I met while I was over in France playing punk rock shows a couple of years ago. I’m not really sure what’s going on it at all, but it was kinda cool and presents some pretty sweet shots of some guy riding a hoverboard around a subway station and an ‘urban environment’ so figured it was worth sharing with all the Sick Chirpse readers.

The video comes along with the tagline ‘Brother strikes back, moving against establishment. Emerging from the underground to take his place and infect society.’ Again I don’t really know what this means or is supposed to imply but it sounds kind of cool. This is only Episode 1 too, so maybe it will get to the point as more episodes get released. Although probably they will all be similar to this and just be exercises in looking cool without any real content. Still, you gotta admit that that hoverboard looks fvcking cool. Marty McFly never bust out tricks like that dude can.

I tried to google ‘continuous skate – brother strikes back’ it to get some more information about on the video, but every site that’s featured it literally just has that tagline and the video. That’s it. So yeah, no real clue what it’s about or trying to achieve. I guess just enjoy it and if you know anything about it leave a comment.

I guess there’s some kind of vague political message in the video too about combatting the surveillance culture that modernd ay society seems to be entrenched in, but I’m not really sure how riding a hoverboard around an ‘urban environment’ constitutes doing anything about it. At the end of the video the unnamed skater also meets an alien. It’s a bit of a headfuck. There’s a pumping dubstep backing track too. Gotta love skate videos. Sorry I mean hoverboard videos!

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