Ghostbuster Backflips Over Policeman Then Gets Arrested


As we come to the end of our freakingly fantastic Halloween themed run of articles, here’s a video of a Ghostbuster doing a back flip over a fat cop.


Aw man I really don’t want to hate on policemen but the two stupid fat fucks in this video give me no choice.

First of all, Happy Halloween! Are you all having a freakingly fun time? Plans for the evening? Trick or treating? Partying in your sluttiest zombie outfits? We ended up partying in Manchester last night and saw a gurning hot dog having a fight with a grandfather clock, it was really weird but you gotta embrace October 31st to the fullest right?

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So we’ve been doing our fair share of Halloween posts to mark the occasion, and as this video features some dude dressed as a Ghostbuster it’ll fit right in. The Ghostbuster dude in this video thinks it’s a rad idea to jump up on to the top of a cop car and do a back flip over the police man when he comes over to try and pull him down. Now I personally think that’s fvcking awesome thing to do and the dude should be bought many beers for committing such a stunt, but the fat fvck of a greasy doughnut munching cop seems to think otherwise. Before you know it tweedle dee and tweedle fat fvck are shoving the Ghostbuster up the side of their car and arresting him, before threatening to arrest to dude who’s making the video for some bullshit reason of ‘you’re not allowed to film a police officer’ or some bollocks. Lame-O fat American feds. Check it:

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