How To Not Be A Total Cunt When You’re Shopping


The customer isn’t always right. Find out if you’ve been acting a bit of a prat in the supermarket.

4) Be Nice

“Jesus, a fabulous establishment like Sick Chirpse lets this guy write for them and he isn’t even eloquent enough to come up with something better than ‘be nice’, what were they thinking?” — I often wonder why myself, but there was a reason why I put it that way.

It’s that fvcking simple.

Because I’ve worked on the other side of the counter, my judgment is clouded, and I’ll never see what a normal customer sees ever again, but to put this as clearly as possible: they are people too.

In our training, we’re told that everyone who comes into the shop deserves to be treated the same way. This is a sentiment I entirely agree with — but because of mass consumerism, a view has somehow arisen that this does not extend to staff. There is no reason why the staff should be treated worse than the patrons. This is true for anywhere that you might be considered a customer — whether you’re in Asda or on a plane, remember that there is a person behind the name badge and if they look like they’re having a bad day, it’s probably for a good reason — we can’t be professional all the time — and if they look like they’re in a good mood, at the very least, smile back.

☛More About the Staff: The Species You May Encounter

I don’t feel like any of this has been too much to ask and if everyone went by these four ideals, the world would be a much better place. I’m no Soup Nazi — not all of the staff are going to be perfect themselves, and I’m not expecting everyone to goose-step around Lidl (it’s actually quite hard to do that when you’re pushing a trolley), but I feel like people forget that what they do has consequences. I’ll leave you with a fun video containing the aforementioned liquid food fascist just to be fair to customers who have dealt with horrendous staff.

Have a nice day.

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